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Eastern waters

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A few weekends ago we took a trial run out to Chesapeake Beach, on the mainland side of the Chesapeake. My dad lent us a locking box that attaches to the trailer hitch, so we filled the box with heavy things and set out. I guess we had a few goals, one being to make sure that the hitch wouldn't bend and the front of the jeep wouldn't bounce up from the weight in the back. The other was to get as close as possible to the first part of "sea to sea" - the North Atlantic Ocean. It was a nice drive and the traffic was not bad for DC. We got into Chesapeake Beach proper and drove around for a while looking for a place to get close to the water. We had originally thought about backing down a boat ramp to get some water/tire contact but didn't want to cause any trouble.

We eventually found a place that was designated a park. It had space for two cars to park, a fence, a bench, and then open water. IMG_0028.jpg
There were some ducks fighting on the water - we think they might have been fighting because we were there, because when they were further from us they settled down.

We admired the water and took some pictures. As we left, a guy in a kayak was pulling his boat out of the water.






We drove around the shoreline for a while, going through beach towns and just enjoying the fresh air. By that time it was evening, and it was a beautiful time to be out. I tried using the GPS to find a local outdoor hamburger place - we were set on hamburgers for some reason - but couldn't find anything on our way back home, so we caved and had McDonalds.

All in all it was a good first step in our trip and helped show what kinds of things we should expect on the rest of the way.

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the map

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Listing Dangerously

listy mc-listalot

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This stage of preparation for a trip seems to be all about lists. Lists of supplies to buy (campstove!), things to bring (tent!), things to check (tornado season?), things unrelated to the trip that should be done too (laundry! graduate course selection!). Friday I established a box in the living room for all trip supplies. The thing about the list stage is that until you move into the next phase of Buying, then Packing, and finally the much anticipated Leaving, you do not have much to show except for some books and the ubiquitous and multi-media lists. We’ve got lists on looseleaf, in a notebook, on at least one Word doc, and strewn over the internet.

So, in order to not make tantalizing statements like “you wouldn’t believe the lists I’ve got” without backing them up, here are some lists.

Resource websites:

Really Important Things:
Find someone to watch our cat and water/eat from the garden
Pay the rent/bills before leaving and notify the important people we’ll be out
Figure out how long it's going to take us to get places
Make sure we know where we're going
Make reservations at these places that are picky about that

Supplies to Buy:
Flashlight batteries/bulbs
Snakebite kit
Cleaning rags for jeep windows
Water and gas jugs
Rain coat
Camp chairs (tiny ones, so they fit in the jeep)
Wind jammer
Small cooler
Hiking boots?
A vestibule for the tent?
Water-supply backpack

Supplies to Bring:
Jeep window sleeves
Maps etc
Emergency kit
Prevention: sunscreen, bug repellant
After-the-fact: aloe with lidocain, technu, cortisone cream
Sleeping bags
clothes, including good socks
Swim suits
Tire patch kit
Playing cards
National parks pass

Places we’re going:
See map

Other things:
Make sure grad school stuff is all squared away
Finish physics class
Clean apartment

Road Trippin’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
Route 66
Riders on the storm – The Doors
Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf
Land down under – Men at Work
I can’t drive 55 – Sammy Hagar
Convoy – CW McCall
O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack – The Soggy Bottom Boys
Sis Draper – Guy Clark
Kate Rusby
The Dukhs
Little Big Town
The Seldom Scene
Horse With No Name
Queen Anne’s Lace – Forest Sun
West Virginia Ground – Dwight McCall
America – Simon and Garfunkle
The Way – Fastball
American Pie
Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog
Play Me Some Mountain Music

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Hello, world

A trip!

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In a move that may seem dangerously ambitious to some who are wiser than us, we're going to take three weeks this June and drive across country (and back, of course) in our jeep. Maryland to California and back.

First, I have to explain that Jeff has a tendency to come up with ideas that at the outset sound crazy and then end up being pretty good. This list includes his suggestion that I date him; his idea of building me an electric cello; and his desire to buy a jeep. We explained this one by saying that people only get to be young and crazy once and now was the time, but then when Snowmageddon '09-10 hit we were actually able to leave the driveway and do things like drive nurses to work. I am still waiting for the arc welder and jet engine projects to prove themselves, but maybe they will.

So even though this is the longest trip I've ever taken, it involves a lot of uncertainty and a ton of driving, I'm on board with this next ambitious idea. Bring it!

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